Josef Walter began with a certificate as a machine worker, and from repairing bicycles he worked up to the construction of his own motorbikes. From 1903, these were used on European roads. Six years later, the four-seater trike was introduced, which was a short step to the first W-winged car. The growing company needed land to build a factory, which they found in 1913 in Jinonice. Their typical radial aircraft engines were added to production, which became their most important product for the next few decades. After the war, it was one of the largest factories in Central Europe and it was renamed Motorlet. Its fascinating history ended in 2008 until the rebirth of Waltrovka. Once again, it will be a symbol of success and prestige, although it won't be hundreds of employees walking through its entrance, but rather the residents of this new residential neighbourhood.

Historical photo