By filling in and sending this form, I give my consent to Penta Investments, s.r.o. storing, collecting, processing and manipulating the following personal details for marketing purposes: name, surname, telephone, e-mail address, details on communication with me and other personal details provided by me. I give this consent for an unlimited period and I am aware that I can withdraw it at any time. I consent to Penta Investments, s.r.o. entrusting the processing of my details to a third party as processor.

By completing and submitting the form I am making a non-binding request to receive further information on the subject of demand and I am not making an initial reservation or reservation on a residential unit, non-residential unit or a house. A request for further information does not bind me or any other person to enter into any contract, or, it does not constitute my right to demand to enter into any contract including but not limited to the reservation agreement, preliminary purchase contract or purchase contract. I acknowledge and I agree that the so called initial reservation (i.e. a non-binding reservation valid for 5 days) does not constitute a legally binding contract until such time as the seller acknowledges in writing or by email that an initial reservation is effected. In order to make a binding reservation, it is necessary to meet the seller and to enter into a written reservation agreement.