The project developer of REZIDENCE WALTROVKA is the Penta Investments company which originated in Central Europe. As it was founded by a group of classmates, its company culture is very similar to that of a family business. Penta is one of the largest employers in the region, providing jobs to more than 30,000 employees in its portfolio companies. It has offices in Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw, Munich, Limassol, Amsterdam and Jersey. The company began business in 1994 dealing with securities. Subsequently, it focused on the development of corporate investment and later also on real estate development. Today the Group invests in companies and projects, primarily in healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing and real estate development.

Penta began investing in the property sector in 2005 and is currently implementing projects in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. In 2013 Prague witnessed the successful completion of the Florentinum administrative building, which as well as winning numerous awards from experts has been highly praised by the actual tenants in the buildings and even by Penta itself. Situated in the Waltrovka locality in Jinonice, Prague, the recently completed Aviatica building features architectural qualities that also boast a number of prestigious prizes. For the upcoming years, more investment in real estate is planned, as Penta wishes to build on its successfully implemented projects while having the ambition to become a leader in the quality office and residential development sector.

With our slogan "LIVING BY PENTA", we are setting a new benchmark for housing standards much higher than usual in the Czech market, clearly differentiating ourselves from other developers. We are bringing to Prague a completely new concept of cosmopolitan living. In Waltrovka we will interconnect modern housing, nature, work and retail with city life.